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Pinterest Analytics at a Glance

Obviously, businesses want to know whether their Pinterest presence is bringing results. After all, theory is one thing and the actual results a completely another. The good news is that Pinterest Analytics enables businesses to do just that - determine how they are performing - by providing access to user data.

Pinterest Analytics and User Data

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest Analytics provides access to user data. More specifically, it provides access to various statistical information about all sorts of things such as the number of repins, likes, visits to your website from Pinterest, who is pinning images and other things from your website, which pins are bringing most Pinterest users to your website, … You can really see a whole wealth of things. Now, let’s see what can you do with the information provided by Pinterest Analytics.

Using Pinterest Analytics to Improve Your Results

It’s good to know which pins are more popular than others, which ones are generating most traffic to your website, … But what matters the most is what you do with all this information. And you can do a lot. For example, if an image has many repins but doesn’t generate much traffic, you should perhaps consider what to do to encourage Pinterest users to click to your website URL. After all, repins alone aren’t making you any money. If your pins perform well in terms of both repins/likes and generating traffic, it means that your strategy is working. But it also indicates on which categories it may be worth focusing to keep your target audience interested and attract attention of new potential visitors/buyers.

To summarise, Pinterest Analytics is a great tool to measure the results of your ‘Pinterest campaign’ and choose/adjust your strategies accordingly.

How to Use Pinterest Analytics?

If you’re familiar with other analytical tools such as Google Analytics, you won’t have any problems using Pinterest Analytics either because it works in a very similar wa, a guide can be found at Rebootonline.com which is useful. But if you’re new to the whole ‘analytics thing’, don’t worry. It is very easy and kind of intuitive. Plus, the website provides detailed how-to instructions and a wealth of useful information about individual tools and how to use them to improve your results both on Pinterest and your overall goals.